BS Information Technology

BS Information Technology

Curriculum for Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BS (IT)


In the era of educational revolution main objective of the BS 4-Years program in Information Technology is to prepare graduates having a deep knowledge of the subjects as well as ability to analyze in a given situation and draw out conclusion. The primary aim of the program is to produce broad base graduates able to face the challenges of the modern world.

The educational objectives of BS 4-Year program are:

  • The program in Information Technology is designed to produce the graduates having a sound knowledge of the theoretical and practical subject matter.
  • Along with the knowledge of the subject they would also have a broader view of other disciplines. It will enable the students to interact with other branches of knowledge and strengthen their understanding.
  • The graduates are equipped with essential tools and techniques of research. It will enable them to analyze any given situation / issue and suggest its possible solutions.
  • The graduates are to be empowered to establish and develop a viable and forceful line between theory / concepts and practice in the field of Information Technology.
  • The similarity among the outlines has been developed to interrelate the discipline in the global perspective creating an environment of healthy competition and equal opportunities for all.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidates require intermediate with 200 marks of Mathematics or equivalent qualification i.e ICS, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical with Additional Mathematics or three year diploma from any Government Polytechnic Institute in Electrical/Electronics/IT/Computer Hardware/Telecom. The selection criteria will depend on the marks obtained in Matriculation and Intermediate.

Note: Diploma holder applicants can only apply against their reserve seats.

Program Structure

The structure of BS (IT) program is dynamic and provides basis for various options including Breadth-Based, Depth-Based, and Integrated Breadth & Depth-Based specializations. Students may choose a particular option, which is the most appropriate to their planned future career. Followings are the distribution of total credit hours:

The following tables provide the list of courses included in each of the course groups.

Course Group Credit Hours Percentage
Computing – Core (C-C) 41 30
Computing-Supportive (C-S) 12 9
IT– Core (IT-C) 21 16
IT – Supporting (IT-S) 15 9
General Education (GE) 19 11
University Electives (UE) 9 9
IT – Electives (IT-E) 18 16
Total 135  

Scheme of Study

Semester 1
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Course Type
IT-161 Introduction to Information and Communication Technology 3+0 C-C
IT-103 Programming Fundamentals 4(3+1) C-C
MATH-107 Calculus and Analytical Geometry 3 C-S
PHY-107 Basic Electronics 3 C-S
ENG-101 Functional English (English-I) 3 GE


Semester 2
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Course Type
IT-363 Information Systems 3 IT-S
IT-108 Object Oriented Programming 4(3+1) C-C
IT-151 Digital Logic Design 3(2+1) C-C
PKS-101 Pakistan Studies 2 GE
ENG-102 Communication Skills (English-II) 3 GE
  University Elective 1 3 UE


Semester 3
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Course Type
CS-261 Discrete Structures 3 C-C
IT-204 Multimedia Systems and Design 3 IT-C
IT-212 Data Communications and Networks 4(3+1) C-C
ISL-100 Islamic Studies/Ethics 2 GE
  University Elective 2 3 UE
IT-304 Web Systems and Technologies 3(2+1) IT-C


Semester 4
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Course Type
IT-321 Software Engineering 3 C-C
IT-206 Data Structures and Algorithm 4(3+1) C-C
STAT-205 Probability and Statistics 3 C-S
MATH-314 Linear Algebra 3 C-S
IT-205 Operating Systems 3 C-C


Semester 5
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Course Type
IT-313 Internet Architecture & Protocols 3 IT-S
IT-245 Database Systems 4(3+1) C-C
IT-325 Object Oriented  Analysis and Design 3 IT-S
  IT Elective – 1 3 IT-E
  IT Elective – 2 3 IT-E


Semester 6
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Course Type
IT-312 Network Security 3 IT-C
IT-318 Cloud Computing 3 IT-C
IT-402 Human Computer Interaction 3 C-C
IT-302 Technology Management 3 IT-C
  IT-Elective-3 3 IT-E
  IT Elective – 4 3 IT-E


Semester 7
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Course Type
IT-406 Project/Thesis  (In progress) 6 C-C
IT-413 Systems and Network Administration 3 IT-C
ENG-310 Business and Technical Writing (English-III) 3 GE
SS-301 Professional Practices 3 GE
  University Elective 3 3 UE
  IT-Elective-5 3 IT-E


Semester 8
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Course Type
IT-406 Project/Thesis (Completed) 6 C-C
IT-425 IT Project Management 3 IT-S
IT-445 Database Administration & Management 3 IT-S
IT-423 System Integration and Architecture 3 IT-C
IT Elective – 6 3 IT-E
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